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Beaver County Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Pedestrian accidents happen all too often in the Beaver County, Pennsylvania area. With a little under 5,000 residents in the town, and its proximity to Pittsburgh (30 miles), there’s a lot of traffic that runs through town daily. All of this traffic, including vehicular and foot, can combine for tragic accidents. Pedestrian accidents involving cars, trucks, buses, and other motor vehicles can seriously injure the victims and even lead to fatalities. A Beaver County pedestrian accident attorney from Shenderovich, Shenderovich and Fishman can help you recover the compensation you deserve following an accident involving a motor vehicle as a pedestrian.

Pedestrian Safety Tips

If you spend most of your time as a pedestrian in and around the Beaver County area you will want to follow the safety tips provided below so as to avoid being involved in an accident with a motor vehicle as much as possible. The most important pedestrian safety tips are as follows:

  • Wear bright-colored clothing
  • Walk-in well-lit areas at night
  • Walk with a friend or loved one
  • Avoid using your mobile phone while walking
  • Always cross at controlled intersections
  • Always use crosswalks
  • Never dart out into traffic
  • Make eye contact with motorists while crossing
  • Walk as close to buildings as possible when on a sidewalk
  • Do not cross against a traffic light
  • While waiting for the light to change always stand on the sidewalk, never in the street
  • Wear reflective apparel, if possible, when out at night

What to Do After a Pedestrian Accident

If you ever find yourself involved in a pedestrian accident the steps you take in the moments immediately following will either help or hurt your situation. First and foremost, make sure you call 911. Even if you were gently tapped by a vehicle, it’s in your best interest as a pedestrian to have the police and EMTs respond to the scene. This will lead to a report being filed and to the EMTs evaluating you for any injuries.

Never decline medical attention when involved in a pedestrian accident. Even if you think you aren’t injured it’s still a good idea to have the EMTs transport you to the hospital for more in-depth testing and evaluation. All of this will be documented on paper by the hospital, which will come in handy if you seek damages from the driver of the vehicle.

Make sure you never inadvertently admit fault. Even if you truly were at fault in the accident you should never say ‘I’m sorry’ or admit to the driver that you stepped off the sidewalk early. Admitting fault, even if you were the victim, could hinder any legal action you take against the driver of the vehicle. Avoid talking to insurance companies before you speak with an attorney about your situation.

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