Car Crash, Truck Wrecks , Motorcycle & Boating Accidents


Car Crash

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, there are more than 8 million licensed drivers in the state of Pennsylvania, more than 7.6 million in Ohio and more than 1.2 million in West Virginia. With close to 17 million drivers in these three states alone, it is easy to see how more than 32,000 people die each year in car accidents. We fight for our clients' rights from those who did wrong.
The attorneys at Shenderovich, Shenderovich & Fishman handle any car accidents including:
Car Accident, Shenderovich Shenderovich & Fishman Lawyers, PA
  • Full tort
  • Limited tort
  • Uninsured drivers
  • Underinsured drivers
  • Hit and runs
  • Drunk drivers
  • Insurance bad faith
  • Fatal accidents

What kind of settlement can I get from an car accident lawsuit?

If you were injured in the accident, the settlement can include compensation for the following:
  • Medical bills
  • Property loss
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

Truck Wrecks

We have successfully handled any big or small claim for clients who have been injured in truck accidents. Truck drivers only have one goal in mind, deliver the product on time. There are many truck accidents that are caused by:
  • Fatigue. PA truck drivers are legally required to take a 10-hour rest after 14 hours of consecutive driving. When drivers become sleep-deprived, they can make mistakes or engage in risky driving behaviors.
  • Distracted driving. Though texting and driving receives a lot of attention, truck drivers may also be distracted by two-way radios and GPS systems
  • Chemical enhancements. The legal BAC limit in Pennsylvania is 0.04 percent for any driver with a CDL, which is the equivalent of about one bottle or pint of beer. However, many drivers use non-FDA-approved energy drinks or pills to help keep them alert on the road. It's possible that too many of these enhancements could have a negative effect on drivers.
  • Unsafe conditions and vehicles. Not all truck accidents are caused by the driver; defective equipment, overloaded beds and blown tires also contribute to truck accidents.
Truck Wreck, 18 Wheeler, Shenderovich Shenderovich & Fishman Lawyers, PA

Are there any limitations for filing an injury claim due to a truck accident?

Statutes of limitation differ for each state, but in Pennsylvania, you have two years to file a personal injury lawsuit. If you do not file within this time period, you are barred from pursuing your claim. In Pennsylvania, minors have until their 20th birthday to file a personal injury suit.

Motorcycle Accidents

When you have become a victim of a motorcycle accident you may face serious injuries of you or a loved one. There are no fender-benders, when it comes to accidents involving motorcycles. Bike riders may suffer:
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Skull fractures
  • Spinal injuries such as paralysis
  • Death
  • Broken bones
  • Internal bleeding

Boating Accidents

The residents of Ohio, West Virginia and northwest Pennsylvania have enjoyed their rivers for years. However, as our population grows, so do your odds of being seriously injured in a boating accident. Common causes of boating accidents include:
  • Boaters being improperly fastened into their seats
  • Boaters failing to wear safety vests
  • Capsizing
  • Poor weather
  • Faulty or defective equipment
  • Improper loading techniques, for people or for cargo