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Erie Product Liability Attorney

In America, our economy runs largely on the product market. Whether the automobile or medical industry, consumers buy products on the notion that their life will become simpler, more productive, or safer as a result. Unfortunately, some products are released to the market that is defective or malfunction, making them dangerous as a result. Defective products can cause serious injuries that affect you on a personal, professional, and financial level.

If you or a loved one were recently injured or rendered ill as a result of a defective product, you should consider consulting with an Erie product liability attorney. Defective products are signs of negligent behaviors somewhere along the line of manufacturing, production, or distribution. AN experienced attorney will be knowledgeable of laws pertaining to product liability and will have the confidence to pursue compensation on your behalf regardless of the size or funds of the responsible party. Shenderovich, Shenderovich & Fishman attorneys have over 170 years of combined experience to draw from. No matter the particulars of your product liability case, our legal team can provide sound counsel and develop a strong case on your behalf.

Common Product Defects in Pennsylvania

Any manufacturer, designer, distributor, or others responsible for a product entering the market are responsible for said product’s safety. However, defective products still enter the market regularly. Some common product defects that result in product liability claims include the following:

  • Vehicles: Whether it is a defective seat belt, a faulty tire, or a poorly designed roof support system, vehicle defects can lead to severe injuries.
  • Medical products: Mislabeled prescription drugs, malfunction medical equipment, or faulty medical product use are common defects that occur in the medical industry.
  • Sanitation products: Things such as kitchen, bathroom, or carpet cleaners can be defective and lead to serious illness.

What Qualifies as a Defective Product in Pennsylvania?

There can be many possible parties responsible for a product liability claim. There are four main elements that can put the fault on a manufacturer, designer, distributor, or administrator of a defective product. The first is an injury caused by a manufacturing defect. For example, a manufacturing defect can cause a seat belt to wear prematurely or release during an accident.

The second element involves faulty or ill-advised design choices leading to injury. For example, if a roof collapse in a vehicle because the designer produces a poorly design roof pillar system. Improper labeling is another element that can lead to a product liability case. For example, an advertised medication that fails to communicate proper dosage and possible side effects could lead to illness or injury. A product liability claim can also arise from a breach of a product’s warranty.

If you or a loved one were injured or succumbed to illness as a result of a defective product, you should contact an Erie product liability attorney. Pennsylvania has harsh laws regarding product liability, and an attorney experienced in Pennsylvania law can greatly increase your chance for compensation. Contact Shenderovich, Shenderovich & Fishman any time of the day for a free consultation.

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