Morgantown CDL Accident Attorney

Operating a large truck or other commercial vehicle requires a degree of expertise that operating a passenger vehcile does not require. The law typically requires that drivers of large trucks possessa commercial driver license (CDL) to be permitted to operate the vehicle .

Unfortunately, not everyone with a CDL is genuinely qualified to operate a truck responsibly. You may have been injured in an accident in Morgantown, West Virginia because a CDL driver or the company that hired them was negligent .

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Causes of Morgantown CDL Accidents

CDL accidents can occur for numerous reasons. The following are among the more common:

  • Fatigue: Although there are regulations in place to prevent truckers from staying on the road for excessively long hours without getting proper rest, some truckers may ignore these regulations in an attempt to adhere to strict delivery schedules.
  • Distraction: Operating any motor vehicle requires focus. Accidents sometimes occur because CDL drivers stop paying attention to the road and the motorists with whom they share it.
  • Poor vehicle maintenance: A wreck may occur if a vehicle wasn’t properly maintained or if its designers/manufacturers overlooked a defect.

Seeking Compensation After a Morgantown CDL Accident

Being involved in an accident with a large truck can leave you with severe injuries. These injuries will likely require expensive medical treatment. Depending on their severity, they may even leave you in need of lifelong medical care.

Your injuries could also prevent you from working. This may be a temporary setback or a permanent one.

In addition, not all your losses and damages after a Morgantown CDL accident will be economic in nature. You may also sustain non-economic damages including pain and suffering.

You can seek compensation for these losses if you can demonstrate that your accident resulted from the negligence of another party.

How a Morgantown CDL Accident Lawyer Can Help

Pursuing the compensation you deserve after a truck accident may involve filing a claim with the trucking company’s insurance. Strongly consider hiring a Morgantown CDL accident attorney to assist you when doing so. We can help by:

  • Applying our knowledge of the relevant Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations
  • Determining how much compensation you might deserve based on the extent of your losses and injuries
  • Handling negotiation and a law suit if necessary

At Shenderovich, Shenderovich & Fishman, our goal is to ensure you have the freedom to focus on your recovery with the peace of mind that comes from knowing experts are handling your case. Learn more about how our Morgantown CDL accident lawyers can help you by contacting us online or calling us at 888-98-TWINS(89467).

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