Washington, PA Dog Attack

There are millions of dog owners across the state of Pennsylvania and the rest of the country who consider their dogs to be part of their family. Despite the number of dog owners out there, many people are still afraid of dogs for various reasons. One such reason is that dogs are still animals. They can attack a person to the point of injury or even death in an instant. A Washington dog attack attorney from the team of Shenderovich, Shenderovich and Fishman can answer all of your questions about dog bites and how you can seek legal recourse from the dog’s owner or the property owner.


Many people often wonder why a seemingly calm and behaved dog winds up attacking someone out of the blue. There are plenty of reasons why a dog might attack a human and they include the following:

  • Fear
  • Dog feels threatened
  • Invasion of their territory
  • Scared of another dog
  • Provoked by the human
  • Not properly trained by their owner
  • Suffering from rabies
  • Abused


If you ever find yourself in a situation where a dog attacks you it’s important to know how to handle the aftermath. You need to dress your wounds immediately to try and stop the bleeding. Call 911 so the police and EMTs can respond. Accept medical treatment on the scene and always go to the hospital for testing, stitches, and other treatment. Do your best to find the owner of the dog, especially if the incident occurred at a dog park or other public location and it doesn’t appear to be a stray. Exchange contact information with the owner if you find them so you can forward it to your attorney.


The days and weeks after a dog attack will be crucial in your recovery. You need to follow all of the orders set forth by your doctor. Deviating from any of the orders from your doctor could negatively impact not only your chances of recovering but also your ability to recover compensation from the dog’s owner. You might be tasked with changing the bandage on a wound daily. Make sure this is done every single day so you do not develop an infection. You might also be prescribed pain medication, depending on the severity of the attack. Take the medication for as long as it is prescribed so that your pain does not affect your daily activities.


Were you or a loved one attacked and bitten by a dog in Pennsylvania? It’s important to not only seek medical care but also talk to a Washington dog attack attorney about the incident. Victims of dog attacks have the right to compensation for their injuries, pain and suffering, and lost wages. Victims shouldn’t have to fend for themselves and struggle to pay the bills because of their injuries. Call the office of Shenderovich, Shenderovich and Fishman today at 888-98-TWINS(89467) to schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney.

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