Who To Call After A Truck Accident?

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Posted On: November 23 , 2018

Driving down any major highway is more dangerous than one may think. When we start to drive we are all incredibly cautious. There is a certain fear of getting on to major highways. The cars and trucks seem to travel so fast, and without having much experience it seems that an opportunity for error is endless. As we get older and drive more, we start to understand the habits of the road. Sophisticated drivers know how to drive cautiously and defensively. But we have all seen that person on the road who is driving too fast to the point of recklessness. We have all seen that giant cargo truck push its way into a lane or slow a lane down as it attempts to pass other massive trucks.

Some accidents that occur are unavoidable. Sometimes there is no foreseeable way to know that an animal will jump out and cause people to slam on their breaks and cause an accident. Sometimes the weather pours down rain in such ferocity that the road floods before anyone can properly slow down. But, we aren’t referring to such acts of God. Instead, our truck accident attorneys in Pittsburgh at Shenderovich, Shenderovich, & Fishman are talking about truck accidents that involve the gross negligence of the truck drivers; the accidents that have a direct cause between the accident and your injuries.

Car accidents are scary enough, but what if a semi-truck is the one heading your way and in the wrong direction? What about a swerving dump truck with debris falling out the back? This was the instance on Route 51 near Rodney Lane around 6 am in October 2017. A dump truck carrying crushed coal collided with a car thus causing the truck to fall on its side and hitting another car. All drivers suffered injuries. This kind of accident is tough to watch. No one wants to see people get hurt, but when you have a large dump truck versus a car, the dump truck will win almost every time. This is why you should call a Truck Accident Attorney. We will help you tease through the blame game. We have years of expert experience and a track record that will make you feel confident in our abilities.

From our years of experience, Truck Accident Attorneys know that a truck driver’s goal is to get the product to where it needs to go and they will do whatever it takes to ensure the product gets there in time. It is not abnormal for a truck driver to take some kind of supplements to stay awake or energized for the driver. Truck drivers will push through sleepiness in order to get an extra mile in. These and others are common reasons why there are truck accidents. Call us at 888-98-TWINS(89467) or click here in order to get professional services from attorneys who know this situation all too well. Let us fight for you while you heal.

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