Not all car accidents involve two or more vehicles. In fact, single-vehicle accidents are just as common, and contrary to the popular belief, just because you are the only party involved does not necessarily mean that recovering damages will be easier.

“In fact, proving that you deserve to be compensated after a single-car accident may be even more difficult than proving that you are entitled to financial compensation after a regular car accident involving more than one vehicle,” says our Pittsburgh car accident attorney at Shenderovich, Shenderovich & Fishman.

After a single-vehicle accident, it may be confusing as to whether you have a right to pursue a personal injury claim and who can be held liable for your damages and losses.


In single-vehicle accidents where the driver who crashed his or her vehicle is clearly not at fault, there are a number of parties that may be held liable for the accident. These parties include:

  • The city, municipality, county, state or any other public or government entity for poor road design and maintenance. A large percentage of single-car accidents in Pittsburgh and all across Pennsylvania are caused by poor road conditions, failure to conduct regular inspection and maintenance of roads and highways, as well as the poor design of roads and highways (faulty traffic lights, missing or broken guardrails, potholes, faded paint markings, etc.)
  • The vehicle manufacturer for manufacturing and design defects, which are very common in single-car crashes in our state.
  • The auto mechanic conducted vehicle inspection and maintenance prior to the single-vehicle accident, but failed to notice any issues in the vehicle or failed to repair or replace faulty, broken, or defective parts and components accordingly. You may be able to hold the auto mechanic responsible if your crash was caused by poor vehicle maintenance and you did everything that you were obligated to do as a reasonable and prudent motorist.
  • Other parties on the road. If another motorist, pedestrian, bicyclist, motorcyclist, or another party caused you to get into a single-vehicle crash, you may be able to recover damages if the other party’s negligence was responsible for the accident. For example, let’s say there was a pedestrian who decided to dart out into the roadway to cross the road and you had to swerve to avoid colliding with the pedestrian, and, as a result, crashed into a tree.


“Regardless of how your single-vehicle crash occurred, your insurance company will most likely attempt to put the blame on you,” warns our Pittsburgh single-vehicle accident attorney.

Do not take it personally. Insurance claims adjusters are taught to do it, because denying and minimizing claims is their way of making money.

Do not be quick to come to terms with the insurance company’s denial of your claim. You deserve a fair and comprehensive investigation to determine liability. Do keep in mind that just because you were the only party involved does not mean that you are automatically to blame for the accident.

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