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Family Member Was Injured In Car Accident

When we take to the roadways when going about our daily lives, we take risks. Although we may take every measure to ensure that we drive safely, we cannot fully protect ourselves against getting into a car crash. Every day, safe drivers and their families are injured or even killed in motor vehicle collisions through no fault of their own because of another person’s negligent driving. People who text while driving or who drive while under the influence or who fail to stop at a red light can take your good day and turn it into a nightmare in the blink of an eye. However, these negligent parties can be held liable for what they did in a court of law. Call today to learn more about your legal options if your family member was injured in a car accident.

Car crash facts

According to data made available by the Association for Safe International Road Travel, as many as 50 million people are injured in road crashes each year across the globe, with more than 2 million of those injuries taking place on United States roadways. More than 35,000 people are killed in car crashes nationally each year, with more than 1,500 of those being people under the age of 16. Traffic collisions are the leading cause of death in the United States among otherwise healthy adults. More than 1,000 fatalities resulted from car crashes in Pennsylvania alone in 2016.

Negligence and liability in car accident injury cases

When it comes to vehicle crashes and the civil court system, it is often the case that the at-fault driver is considered liable for any damages—whether to persons or to property—that occurred as a result of the accident. At-fault drivers are typically negligent in some way, perhaps driving while distracted or while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This negligence means that they are legally responsible for any injuries or fatalities that happened in the crash they caused, because if not for their negligence, the accident never would have occurred in the first place. When someone is liable for damages, the courts can compel them to pay for the pain and suffering they caused, meaning that your family could recover financial compensation from the negligent party in court.

We can help your family recover damages in court

If your family member was injured in a motor vehicle collision, contact Shenderovich, Shenderovich & Fishman to consult with an experienced and knowledgeable Pittsburgh car accident attorney today. We are personal injury litigation specialists and we are passionate about helping families pursue justice after being involved in a car crash. We can assist you with recovering damages for your family’s pain and suffering, and these damages may be paid out to your family as a cash award. Our attorney’s fees are the lowest in the area, and we do not charge a penny until your case has been won or settled. Call today for a free case evaluation.

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Make an appointment at our Pittsburgh office for your free consultation. We are confident that you will trust us with your legal needs and fight for what you deserve. We do not charge a fee for personally consulting with you. In every new case, our fee is only 25%. There is no fee unless recovery is made. We invite you to review the significant Pittsburgh, PA personal injury cases we have won.