What can possibly go wrong when you put on your best dress-to-impress outfit and go out to eat at your favorite restaurant? Apparently, many things. Although restaurant accidents are rather rare, they can happen to any of us and become a life-altering event.

Besides the risk of sustaining an injury in a slip and fall accident at a restaurant, you may suffer food poisoning, allergic reaction, and burn injury, not to mention the possibility of getting assaulted at the restaurant.

Many things can go wrong at a restaurant whether you are prepared for it or not. We rarely think about the worst outcome of doing something we enjoy, and dining at a restaurant is no exception. Luckily, if something bad does happen to you or your loved one at a restaurant in Pittsburgh or elsewhere in Pennsylvania, you always know who to talk to. A Pittsburgh restaurant accident attorney from Shenderovich, Shenderovich & Fishman.


But can you really sue the owner of a restaurant in which you sustained an injury? That depends on a variety of factors, one of which is whether the owner broke one of his or her duties of care.

“What duties do restaurant owners have in Pittsburgh?” you may be wondering. Let us explain. First and foremost, a restaurant owner owes his or her guests and customers a duty to:

  • keep the premises in a reasonably safe condition;
  • warn their customers of hidden dangers;
  • eliminate hazardous conditions within a reasonable amount of time upon discovery, notice, or complaint;
  • provide a safe passageway to entry and exit;
  • maintain a safe passageway from the eating area to the restroom;
  • inspect and maintain seats, stools, chairs, tables, and other furniture;
  • ensure that the floor is not slippery or wet (or if it is, warn customers about it to avoid a slip and fall accident);
  • ensure that any other dangerous conditions, hazards, and defects on the floor are remedied within a reasonable amount of time upon discovery, notice, or complaint;
  • inspect and maintain stairways, elevators, carpets, escalators, and parking lots;
  • inspect and maintain electrical equipment, including sockets and plugs, to avoid burn injuries and electrocutions; and
  • make sure that waiters, waitresses, bartenders, and other staff are properly trained to know how to handle situations with spilled food and drinks as well as other hazardous and emergency situations.

This is only a shortlist of duties that restaurant owners have in Pittsburgh and elsewhere in Pennsylvania. If you want to find out whether or not a restaurant owner can be held liable for your injury, you may want to schedule a free consultation with our experienced restaurant accident attorney in Pittsburgh.


Some of the readers of our blog have asked about a restaurant owner’s liability in the event of an assault at a restaurant. In theory, a restaurant owner can be held liable for any incidents in which his or her customers get assaulted by the restaurant’s employees or a third party, but only if you can prove that the owner knew or should have known about the attack and/or did not take reasonable steps to prevent this incident (lack of surveillance, weak security measures, poor lighting, etc.).

If your Pittsburgh restaurant accident lawyer can prove that the restaurant owner was negligent and that his or her negligence caused or contributed to your injury, you may be able to sue the owner and recover compensation.

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