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If your loved once has passed due to negligence of another, Pittsburgh Wrongful Death Attorneys at SSF are here to help you. Fighting in and out of the courtroom for your family. We got your back, not your wallet.
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Pittsburgh Wrongful Death Attorney

If your loved one has passed due to a motor vehicle wreck, nursing home abuse or neglect, medical malpractice, or some other preventable negligence, our Pittsburgh wrongful death attorneys are here to help you by fighting in and out of the courtroom for what you deserve.

Pennsylvania permits recovery for both wrongful death and survival to protect the rights of the deceased individual and the rights of that loved one’s family to recover damages for a death caused by the wrongful act or negligence of another individual. The laws about suit after a person’s death are complex and must be followed to permit recovery.

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Date published: 2018-12-09
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