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Pedestrians Beware On Crosswalks

Posted By: SSF Law Firm Posted In: Pedestrian Accident Posted On: February 2, 2019

Choosing to walk is a great choice overtaking a car or taking a taxi, uber, or Lyft. By choosing to walk you are not only saving yourself money but you are also saving the environment by having one less car on the road. Walking also keeps you healthy. Many studies have linked walking 30 minutes a day to better heart and weight health. Young people walking are typically walking because that is their only choice. Teens choose to walk to and from school because they would rather not take the bus. Or they live close enough to where it is better or faster for them to walk. We want to protect our children and teens as much as we can. So, we teach our children and teens to walk where it is appropriate. Unfortunately, even though we teach our children and teens how to walk safely, sometimes the people driving around the pedestrians are not practicing safe driving.

How To Walk In A City

There are many rules for walking in a city. Most walking rules apply to prevent people from stealing from you. For example, if you are walking in a city you may see people who are walking with book bags in front and not the back. They carry it around as if wearing a baby Bjorn. This is to protect people from pulling the backpacks from the back and pulling it off their arms. A thief is more likely to steal from the back or side of you than the front of you.

Other walking rules apply to people who use crosswalks or cross at intersections. You must always follow the signs and don’t walk when there is little time left to cross. Also, make sure that you are making eye contact with drivers in the car. If a driver can see you then they are aware of where you are. It is like a silent contract between driver and walker. It helps to protect each other. Now, these rules come with experience. If you are new to the road then you may not know about some of these rules.

This was the case for a teenage driver who drove through a crowd of students as students were leaving school for the day. About 6 students were hit. All 6 students were taken to various hospitals for treatment on serious injuries, but not fatal injuries. The police were able to get the teen drive-in custody for questioning. Onlookers believe that the accident could have been worse, but none the less if one pedestrian is hit it is a bad day.

What To Do

If you find yourself in this kind of predicament or someone you love then you need to call our pedestrian accident attorney in Pittsburgh at SS&F Law Group. Anytime an injury occurs it means medical bills and time off of work. Do not let your injuries prevent you from getting the help that you deserve. Call 888-988-9467 or click here to speak with our professional staff today.


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