OSHA Hits Pennsylvania Contractor With Major Fines

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Posted On: April 06 , 2019

We are learning that the US Department of Labor has cited a Pennsylvania contractor for major violations and levied a fine of $208,560. OSHA says that the company, Etna Construction, was cited for several excavation-related violations.

At Shenderovich, Shenderovich & Fishman, we know that construction workers have dangerous jobs and they deserve to be protected with the right training and safety gear. Their employers should never put them in intentionally dangerous situations. If you need a Pittsburgh construction accident attorney, call us today.

What Can Happen?

OSHA does not hand out fines for no reason and when they spot a violation, they take it seriously. In the case above, they found some serious problems. OSHA investigators say that Etna Corporation, “exposed employees on a job site in Philadelphia to excavation dangers by not using the appropriate protective systems, failing to teach employees how to recognize excavation hazards and not providing a safe means of exit from excavations.”

Construction work is incredibly dangerous and most construction companies take these risks seriously. Let’s look at the most common causes of fatalities in construction:

  • Falls (38.7 percent)
  • Getting struck by an object (9.4 percent)
  • Electrocutions (8.3 percent)
  • Getting caught in between objects (7.3 percent)

We know that many people survive construction accidents and are left dealing with serious injuries in the aftermath. Consider the following common construction site accident injuries:

  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Broken or Dislocated Bones
  • Hearing and Vision Loss
  • Respiratory Problems
  • Severe lacerations or amputations

Each of these injuries requires medical attention and many of them can leave a victim temporarily or permanently disabled. The cost of care in these cases extends well beyond emergency medical costs and includes:

  • Lost income and benefits for time away from work
  • Possible home or vehicle accommodations
  • Any necessary medical equipment (wheelchair, hospital bed, etc.)
  • Emotional and psychological damage

Many construction-related injuries are less visible. These can include repetitive stress injuries that occur over time, often over the course of years. We also know that construction workers operate around hazardous materials that have the ability to cause respiratory illnesses like COPD and cancer.

In many cases, like the one above, we find that construction companies fail to provide workers with proper training and necessary equipment. When this happens, companies should be held responsible for all worker injury-related costs.

What You Can Do Now

If you or a loved one have been injured in a construction accident that was caused by another person’s negligence, you may need to seek legal assistance. At Shenderovich, Shenderovich & Fishman, our knowledgeable and experienced team understands these cases and we are ready to step in to secure the compensation you deserve. This can include:

  • Your medical expenses related to the incident
  • Lost income and benefits if you are unable to work
  • Pain and suffering/loss of enjoyment of life damages
  • Punitive damages against those responsible

If you need a Pittsburgh construction accident attorney, you can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling 888-98-TWINS(89467).

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