Dogs have been man’s best friend for thousands of years. But, they aren’t everyone’s best friends. Some people simply don’t like dogs. They’ve either had bad experiences with dogs in the past or never grew up around dogs. Even people who grow up with dogs might wind up not liking them later in life. A dog’s demeanor can change at a moment’s notice, leading to a vicious attack that could leave children and adults severely injured or even killed. A Beaver dog attack attorney from Shenderovich, Shenderovich, & Fishman can handle your dog attack case so that you can focus on recovering from the injuries and getting back to work.


If you are someone who owns dogs, loves dogs, or simply encounters dogs throughout the day it’s important to know how you should act around them. The slightest movement could upset a dog that is skittish and lead to an attack. If you follow the tips presented below you might be able to prevent a dog attack:

  • Always ask a dog’s owner if you can pet the dog before doing so
  • Never grab a dog’s tail
  • Don’t pet a dog on the snout
  • Don’t grab a dog’s legs or paws unless they know the command to give you their paw
  • Never taunt or chase a dog unless playing with a ball or stick
  • Don’t try to rip a dog’s toy from its mouth
  • Remain calm around all dogs as you try to pet them
  • Never hit a dog

These are just some helpful tips to follow when playing with or approaching a dog. Even if you follow these tips it’s still possible that a dog could attack without warning.


A dog bite can range from a minor cut to a major injury that involves infections, broken bones, scars, and other injuries. If you ever find yourself injured in a dog bite attack you need to know what to do in terms of caring for the injury while you wait for emergency personnel to respond, treat you, and transport you to the hospital.

Depending on the severity of the injury you should put pressure on the wound immediately. If blood is pouring out of the wound you need to take a piece of clothing and make a tourniquet to wrap tightly around the injury. This will help to stop the bleeding while you wait for emergency personnel to arrive. Make sure someone calls 911, especially if you cannot do so yourself.

If the wound is not too deep or is not bleeding too heavily you should pour some water on the wound to clean it out while you wait. You will want to do as much as possible to prevent the development of an infection in the wound.


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