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Beaver County Product Liability Attorney

Product liability is an area of law that covers the design, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing of products. Defective products are dangerous and can cause traumatic injuries and even death. Victims of defective products can find themselves dealing with serious injuries that could require surgery to fix, which could wind up costing them time on the job. An injury caused by a defective product can put a victim in debt if they are unable to go to work and earn an income to support themselves and their family. It’s important to speak with an experienced Beaver County product liability attorney if you have been injured by a defective product.

Who Can be Held Liable?

A product liability case can involve more than just one party. Some victims of a defective product might think that they can only seek compensation from the seller of the product or the manufacturer and not both. When it comes to product liability the victim can seek compensation for damages from multiple parties. The parties who can be held liable in a product liability case include the following:

  • The manufacturer of the product’s parts
  • The manufacturer of the product itself
  • The wholesaler
  • The party who built or installed the product
  • The store that sold the defective product to the injured party

In order for strict liability to occur in a product liability case, the sale of the defective product must have occurred in the normal course of the business conducted by the supplier. So, for example, if the defective product is purchased at a garage sale or flea market, the seller likely cannot be held liable if the product causes an injury to the buyer.

What are the Types of Product Defects?

In order to succeed in a product liability case, the plaintiff has to prove that he or she suffered an injury, that the product that led to the injury was defective, and that the defect of the product caused it to be dangerous in an unreasonable manner. The types of product defects that a plaintiff could encounter include the following:

  • Defects in manufacturing: these are the defects that happen during the course of the product being manufactured or assembled.
  • Defects in design: these defects are present in the product before it is manufactured because something involving the product’s design is incorrect or unsafe.
  • Defects in marketing: these are defects that occur in the marketing or advertising of the product, such as an incorrect warning label, incorrect instructions, or inadequate safety warnings posted on the product or its packaging.

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Suffering an injury because of a defective product can change your life in an instant. You will want to speak with an experienced Beaver County product liability attorney about the incident and your injuries so that you can begin the process for compensation. There’s no reason you should have to pay for your medical expenses, surgeries, or other items related to the incident that caused your injury. Contact the team of Shenderovich, Shenderovich, and Fishman today to schedule a consultation.

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