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Erie Bicycle Accident Attorney

Riding a bicycle has increased in popularity in recent years as people recognized it as a great option for transportation, exercise, and leisure. Erie offers lovely, scenic views for bike riding enthusiasts. Riding a bicycle has many benefits; however, it is important to practice safe riding habits. Unfortunately, even the most cautious bicycle rider cannot control the negligent or reckless behavior of others. Bicycle accidents can result in serious injuries and life-altering consequences.

With a lack of external protection, bicycle accidents involving vehicles can have devastating effects. If you or a loved one were recently involved in a bicycle accident, you may be dealing with serious injuries, exorbitant medical costs, and an inability to work. You should not have to suffer financially from the negligence of others. You should contact an Erie bicycle accident attorney. A qualified attorney can help you assess your situation and make the best decision on how to proceed. Attorneys at Shenderovich, Shenderovich & Fishman have years of experience and a long history of success to draw from and steer you in the right direction.

Bicycle Accidents in Pennsylvania

Bicycle accidents can result in serious injuries and even death. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), 2017 saw the most bicyclist fatalities over the last five years with 21 deaths. In total, over 1100 bicyclists were injured in 2017. Common injuries bicyclists face include traumatic brain injuries, neck and spinal cord injuries, broken bones, torn ligaments, and various other serious injuries.

Bicycle accidents tend to have such devastating results because of the lack of external protection they offer, making it that much more important to wear protective gear while riding. There are various precautions a bicyclist can take to increase safety while riding. To decreases, the chances of being involved in an accident while riding a bicycle, the American Automobile Association (AAA) suggests that bicyclists avoid using headphones or listening to music while riding. AAA also suggests riders only remove their hands from the handlebars to signal to traffic. When bicyclists enter a roadway, they should check for traffic as a pedestrian would. While safety procedures can increase bicyclists safety, nothing can prevent accidents when other vehicles are driving recklessly or with negligence.

Bicycle accidents are not caused by bicyclists; rather by the negligence of other drivers. Common negligent driving behaviors include driving while distracted by a device, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, exhausted driving, and failing to adhere to traffic laws while driving. Since the consequences are usually severe in bicycle accidents, negligent drivers should be held responsible for their poor decision-making.

If you or a loved one were recently involved in a bicycle accident, the injuries, medical bills, and the dramatic decrease in the quality of life you are experiencing may make you feel like your future is unclear. Realistically, pursuing a bicycle accident lawsuit may be one of your best options to return to a higher quality of life. You should consult with an Erie bicycle attorney. For a free consultation, contact Shenderovich, Shenderovich & Fishman today.

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