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Greensburg, PA Construction Accident Attorney

There are many different types of injuries that can occur in and around construction sites. If you are an employee, you may be covered by worker’s compensation benefits. But these may not always be enough to fully compensate you for your damages.

If you have suffered severe injuries in a construction accident, you may be entitled to financial compensation. A reputable Greensburg, PA construction accident attorney at Shenderovich, Shenderovich & Fishman could help you recover the funds you need to rebuild your life.

Common Causes of Construction Accidents in Greensburg, PA

Construction sites are inherently dangerous. This is, in part, due to the fact that construction often requires the use of heavy machinery and dangerous equipment. There are many different types of accidents that can occur on and around construction sites in Greensburg, PA. Some of the ones we see more frequently in Greensburg, PA civil courts include:

  • Electrocution
  • Being struck by falling objects
  • Falling from elevated heights
  • Being crushed by heavy machinery
  • Crane accidents
  • Forklift accidents
  • Explosions
  • Trench or ground collapse
  • Slip-and-fall accidents
  • Getting trapped between materials

These are just a few of the different types of construction accidents in which people may suffer severe injuries. If you have been injured in another type of construction accident, you may also be entitled to recover compensation from the insurance company for a negligent person or corporation. Contact a Greensburg, PA construction accident lawyer to find out how to get the most out of your case.

Who Is At Fault for Your Greensburg, PA Construction Accident?

The only way that you can be awarded compensation for your suffering is if you are able to show the court that someone else acted negligently and caused your injuries.

There are multiple parties who could have contributed to your construction accident injuries, whether you work on the construction site or were passing by. Some of the different parties who are most often found liable for construction accidents in Greensburg, PA include:

  • Construction site workers
  • Contractors and subcontractors
  • Supervisors and management
  • The construction company
  • Equipment engineers
  • Machinery manufacturers, producers, and distributors
  • Property and equipment owners
  • Other third parties

Your attorney will need to thoroughly examine the details of your case to ensure that any and all individuals and entities who played a part in your injuries are brought to justice in your Greensburg, PA construction accident claim.

Meet With a Construction Accident Attorney in Greensburg, PA

When you have suffered serious injuries in a construction accident and you are not sure where to turn for help, contact a dedicated Greensburg, PA construction accident attorney. At Shenderovich, Shenderovich & Fishman, we are committed to helping injury victims and accident survivors recover full compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, and suffering.

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