One of the many rideshare companies that operate in Pennsylvania is that of Lyft. These vehicles can be found all over Greensburg City at all times of the day and night. Lyft drivers help people get to and from school, work, the store, the doctor, the park and many other destinations. Many use Lyft to enjoy a night in the town without the worry of finding a way to get back home. Are you completely positive that getting into a Lyft car is safe? You’re likely ordering a Lyft to avoid driving while intoxicated, but is it a safe enough situation to put yourself in? A Greensburg Lyft accident attorney is here to answer all of your questions if ever involved in such an accident. The team at Shenderovich, Senderovich and Fishman has more than 170 years of combined experience ready to handle your case.


It seems like ordering a Lyft to get home from the bar after a night of drinking is a good idea. Even though you are making the right decision and not getting behind the wheel, are you making a safe decision? Who would have ever thought that hailing a cab would be safer than getting into a Lyft? Well, for starters, you don’t know if the Lyft driver has gone through any type of background (criminal or driving) check prior to being approved. Why? Lyft uses independent contractors, not employees, as its drivers. This helps remove a lot of liability from the company in an accident.

Another danger of using a rideshare service such as Lyft is that you don’t know the condition of the vehicle. The car might look like it’s in good shape on the outside, but do you really know what’s going on under the hood? The owner of the vehicle, who is not Lyft, might not have routine maintenance performed on the car. This includes lack of oil changes, tire rotations, new brakes, replacement air filters, and other parts that keep vehicles running smoothly.


If you ever find yourself involved in a Lyft accident it’s important that you remain at the scene, even though you were a passenger in the vehicle. You will want to talk to the police to help file a report and be evaluated by responding EMTs or firefighters. Take pictures of the accident scene, the road conditions, traffic signs and signals, the damage to all the vehicles involved, and your injuries. Make sure you get the contact information of the Lyft driver and all other drivers involved to submit to your attorney.


Were you injured in a Lyft accident in Greensburg City? Did you lose a loved one in a Lyft accident? The negligence of the drivers involved can lead to a personal injury lawsuit that awards you compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and more. Contact the team at Shenderovich, Shenderovich and Fishman today to speak with a Greensburg Lyft accident attorney. Call the office at 888-98-TWINS(89467) today to schedule an appointment.

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