Product liability is an important part of the law that all consumers should have some sort of understanding. Product manufacturers, retailers, and advertisers have a responsibility to clients when it comes to products being safe at all times. When a consumer is injured by a defective product it can turn into a nightmare. The injuries a consumer can suffer from a defective or malfunctioning product can change your life in an instant. That’s why it’s important to speak with an experienced Greensburg product liability attorney from the team of Shenderovich, Shenderovich and Fishman if you ever find yourself in such a situation. With more than 170 years of combined experience, our team will be able to pull from a wealth of knowledge and experience with the law when handling your case.


There is a slew of parties responsible for ensuring that products are safe from the minute they are designed to the very last minute they are in the hands of a consumer before being thrown into the trash. When a product winds up harming a consumer it can lead to lawsuits for millions of dollars. These injuries can be quite severe, especially if the product explodes or impales the plaintiff. Some of the most common product defects in Greensburg City include the following:

  • Medical products (mislabeled drugs, faulty medical equipment, malfunctioning medical devices and more)
  • Vehicles (defective car parts, improperly or poorly designed systems, manufacturing defects, flaws in design, and more)
  • Sanitation products (hazardous materials, such as chemicals, cleaners, equipment, and others can malfunction and harm consumers)


There are four main elements that can lead to a product liability case in order for it to be successful on the plaintiff’s part. These four elements include:

  • An injury that has been caused by a manufacturing defect
  • An injury caused by a flaw in the design of a product
  • Improper labeling of a product that leads to an injury
  • The breach of the warranty on a product

A defective product is a clear sign of negligent actions that occurred somewhere along the line. Whether these actions happened in the initial design stages of the product, during the manufacture of the product, during the actual product production, or when the product is distributed, there are multiple parties who can be held accountable for your injuries. Negligence can even be found in the advertisement of the product. For example, if the advertising campaign touts the incorrect ways to use a product and someone gets hurt from it, this can lead to a lawsuit as well.


The injuries you can suffer from a defective product can cause you to miss work, need to renovate your house, and even change how you live. Suffering an injury due to a defective product does not have to cause you to go into debt. You can file a lawsuit against one or more at-fault parties for your injuries. Contact the Shenderovich, Shenderovich, and Fishman team today to speak with a Greensburg product liability attorney at 888-98-TWINS(89467).

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