You generally hire a professional because you need a skilled and knowledgeable expert in a particular field and because you are probably not skilled and knowledgeable in that particular field. The professional you need could be a doctor, a lawyer, a financial planner, or a therapist and you trust that those professionals are competent and diligent and will provide you with professional services that are in your best interests. Unfortunately, sometimes a professional breaches the trust you have placed in him or her, and you are harmed as a result.

Sometimes it is hard to know the difference between a. not liking the outcome or professional services provided and feeling like you should have received better service and b. being the victim of professional malpractice. Whether you know that you were harmed in some manner due to professional malpractice, or you are wondering if you might be a victim of professional malpractice, it is time to contact a Wheeling professional malpractice attorney with Shenderovich, Shenderovich & Fishman to discuss your experience with the professional and resulting injuries and damages. Our attorneys hold themselves to the highest of professional standards when it comes to our clients and we believe that other professionals should do the same for their clients. And if they happen to fall below those professional standards, they should be held accountable.


A professional is someone who holds himself or herself out as an expert in a particular field. Professionals usually have education degrees and/or licenses related to their fields of practice. Many professionals have to pass tests in order to be licensed to practice their professions. For example, doctors have to pass medical board exams, attorneys pass bar exams, and certified public accountants pass CPA exams.

When you hire a professional or engage their services, they then typically owe you a duty of care. Professional malpractice occurs when a professional owes you a duty of care, breaches that duty of care, and you are harmed or injured as a result.

Professional malpractice may take place in a number of different professions including the following:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Appraisal
  • Engineering
  • Financial planning
  • Legal
  • Accounting
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Therapy


Professionals typically carry and are often required to carry malpractice insurance. Insurance companies want to save money and are often up for a fight when it comes to malpractice claims. Sometimes insurance companies will not even consider negotiating with malpractice claimants and if an insurance company does make an offer, be very cautious of accepting it. When insurance companies recognize that they are facing a credible and costly malpractice claim, they will often attempt to settle quickly for as little as possible which means that their offer is probably much lower than the value of your malpractice claim.

Our Wheeling professional malpractice attorneys want to see that you are compensated for injuries and damages sustained as a result of a professional’s breach of his or her duty of care to you. Our attorneys are prepared to hire necessary experts, conduct investigations, obtain relevant documents, negotiate with insurance companies, and take your case to trial in order to maximize your compensation.

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