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December 22, 2018

When a dog decides that it is going to attack a person, the results are rarely good. Even worse, children are especially vulnerable due to their size and inability to defend themselves. We are learning of a situation in nearby Duquesne in which a man intervened after he heard two children being attacked by dogs […]

December 21, 2018

A college student in Oakland (Pittsburgh) was struck by a Port Authority bus the other day as she was crossing the street. The area where she was struck is a busy intersection according to other students. The University of Pittsburgh student was taken to the hospital along with a passenger on the bus and the […]

December 15, 2018

Here we go again. It seems like we are just getting back to normal with our food after the massive lettuce recall that affected us over Thanksgiving. Now we are learning about an entirely new recall of red lettuce, green leaf lettuce, and cauliflower. Guess what? This recall is coming from the same farm linked […]

December 14, 2018

We know that the last thing anyone at the Washington Health Clinic Outpatient Center expected was that a vehicle would come crashing through on a calm day last June. Unfortunately, that is what happened when Chad Spence, 43, was behind the wheel and driving erratically. Police say that Spence, a person with a history of […]

December 8, 2018

We know that drinking and driving is something that should not happen. Unfortunately, it is still all too common across Pennsylvania. There were more than 128,188 vehicle crashes reported in the latest reporting year according to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. How many of those were due to incidents involving alcohol? Police across Pennsylvania do […]

December 7, 2018

Last week a woman was killed in nearby Baldwin when her vehicle drifted into oncoming traffic. Police were called to the intersection of Streets Run Road and Whitehill Prospect Road on December 9 at around 8 p.m. When they arrived, they saw a scene of carnage. Police say that Chryse Heuler, 59, was in her […]


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